"My self-hate is so deep, so palpable, I fear I’ll lunge at my own image, shatter the glass and cut myself with shards of broken reflection."
— Jax Teller (via peachkissing)

Someone come be my friend

remembering sunday || ariel&oliver



She was silent for a second, although her eyes were narrowed at him. She abruptly left the room, leaving Oliver alone in the library. Ariel was practically shaking with rage, her hands clenched into fists. There was no possible way that she could marry that vile man. It wasn’t going to happen. Never.

She returned to her parents, and Oliver’s parents. Ariel slipped into the room, staying silent, but eyeing his parents warily. How could they have raised a boy like that? So crude, so unfinished. How could it have happened?

          A proud smile formed on his face. Perhaps that would be enough incentive to go crying to her parents about the kind of man she was going to marry which in turn would pull her out of the marriage and that way his parents could walk away with pride. God knows the girl was spoiled and they seemed like the type to take feelings into consideration as apposed to their kingdom’s well being. Tough luck for them.

        He sauntered back into the room, hands tucked behind his back as though he had nothing to hide. Ariel looked more than slightly perturbed, a sign that what he had done went swimmingly, now all that he had to wait for was the slow ticking down of the clock before she folded and gave him the smug satisfaction of winning their game. 

The young girl didn’t say a single word until the young man’s family left, and she watched them leave with a happy smile. She could hold her anger, or a grudge, for as long as she needed to.

If you can’t fight them, become them. She turned to her parents, as soon as they left, and nodded. “For the good of the kingdom, I will do it.” she said, glancing between them. Her father glanced at her mother, and nodded. “Okay. We’ll send the messenger in a few days.”

The messenger arrived to the young man’s kingdom the next day, and handed over a scroll of paper to him. “Miss Ariel has accepted the proposal.”

college roommates // ariel&oliver



Her eyes landed on him briefly, and she laid forward, until she was laying on her stomach on her bed. She propped her head in her elbow. “What happened to your mother? Did she die, like mine did?” Ariel asked him quietly, her brown eyes finally meeting his. The look on his face, the annoyance, has gone away, and now all that was left was curiosity.

She shrugged a little bit, running her slender fingers through her hair. “I don’t know yet. It depends on my grades this semester, and how much money it is.” Ariel told him, watching him. “Why? You want the room to yourself for a couple weeks?”

Of course he wanted the room to himself, since the moment he first walked through that door to find her occupying his space. “As a matter of fact I’d enjoy the solitude.” he said honestly, his expression nonchalant as he watched her get comfortable atop her bed, unfazed by his proximity. “But—.. I’ll get my chance when you leave to visit you parents soon enough.”

The more they talked, the more the peculiarity of the situation they found themselves in almost made him uncomfortable. Typically he preferred to avoid going into specifics about his mother. In truth, he was still learning much about Ariel, but he didn’t truly know her and the last thing he wanted was for his past to become common knowledge around the campus. But the way Ariel was watching him, had told him details about her past, he just knew she was at least expecting something in return. Deciding to keep his response short and to the point, he continued, “My mother could be dead for all I know… She abandoned me, it’s as simple as that.”

It was crystal clear to Ariel that he didn’t want to the all about his mother. “That’s too bad. I’m sorry.” she said, letting her head rest on her arms. She fell silent again, her her brown eyes studying him.

After a minute, she spoke. “Where did you grow up, then? With your father, or what?” Ariel asked him, unsure if she should go from there. She didn’t know if he wanted to talk about it or not, if he was comfortable with it. It felt like she was walking on eggshells, trying to get around the subject of his mom. He didn’t want to talk about it, that was clear.

I wouldn’t quit if everybody quit // ariel&ryan



He chuckles softly with her sleepy request, making himself more comfortable within the waves of her hair, his fingers leaving waves in the ebony locks.

With a quick glance over his shoulder, he shrugs lightly with the interruption. “Like I have a clue, my parents rarely ever call me when they’re on a trip for my father’s business. Probably one of your friends.” 

She didn’t even bother to read the text, before setting it on the nightstand. Ariel curled up into his chest again, allowing herself a few more minutes of comfort before she went to get into the shower.

Ariel lifted her head to meet his eyes, her own still full of sleep. “You alright, baby?” she asked him, fighting back another yawn. Her thumb stroked his cheek gently as she spoke.

"So grumpy in the morning," he hmphs as he flips onto his stomach, making room for her to slip under his arm. After a few more minutes, his bladder nor his stomach will allow him to lounge around anymore and both teen bodies are rising from the thousand count sheets. "I should be asking you that question,” he smirks. “After all, you took a ride with a python last night.” 

"Mm mm that sounded cocky." Ariel said, stretching her arms behind her back as she stood up. "I’m fine. A little sore, but not too bad." Her fingers ran through her tangled hair, to try to untangle it. "When I shower and wash my hair, can you brush it?"

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Theo adjusted his glasses, normalizing his breath as he tucked a condom inside his shirt pocket then placed his hand on the knob. Easy, Theo. Easy. This might not be the last encounter that he has with his ‘special’ student, but this could be his last. So don’t mess this up. With that thought in mind, the teacher inhaled sharply and proceeded to enter, only to find that scenery on his desk.

"Ariel!" He shrieked, blood boiled up on his cheeks as he suddenly shut the door closed, afraid that the janitor would see what she was doing. "Stop it! Stop… Uh…" His eyes quickly distracted with her bare skin and legs, gulping slightly once he felt his girth stirred. "Oh shit…"


She let her head lay on his shoulder, her muscles relaxing. A low moan left her as she relaxed, not saying anything.

The door knob started to jiggle, and she instantly sat up. “Oh, shit.” she murmured, grabbing her clothes and sliding down into the crevice underneath the desk, out of sight.

Theo’s instincts jumped once he heard the sound from the doorknob, quickly zipping up his pants and tucked in his shirt before he brushed his hair with his hand. After he saw his reflection in the mirror, the man nodded briefly and put on a straight face, unlocking the door to find the security, looking all confused since a teacher was still inside the school. Theo admitted to doing some extra work for the night, and after a while the middle-aged man advised him to go out in 15 minutes because otherwise, he would say something to the principal. As he heard the footsteps walking away, the teacher sighed in relief then poked Ariel who was hiding underneath the table.

"The coast is clear."

She crawled out from underneath the desk and straightened up. She slipped her shirt on and buttoned it up, before stuffing her bra into her bag.

"Well, that was certainly interesting." Ariel told him, looking up at him and meeting his eyes. "Are we done here, then?"

Rigid!Theo/Ariel || Elegance Is The Way To Live.



"We shall." Ariel took his hand, standing up. She gave him a smile, her entire face lighting up with that smile. She was glad he was finally back, it had felt like forever that he had been gone. The young woman followed him into the kitchen, humming quietly.

Margaret guided them to the kitchen, nodding promptly once they were seated and disappeared into her own room after. It was a simple salmon steak; something Theo would never eat unless there’s a submissive involved. He always prefer red meat, after all. “This looks lovely.” He had to admit, even though he wasn’t fond of fish, Margaret could prepare them properly. “You don’t have any problem with eating fish now, do you?”

"Not particularly, no." Ariel said to him, picking up her fork and knife. "I’ll eat it if it’s there." She cut into the juicy salmon, and a quiet hum started up in her throat as she started to eat.

"This is fantastic, Margaret." Ariel said, looking at Margaret and smiling warmly. She figured she should be as nice as possible, since Margaret knew exactly what was going down between her and Theo.

Wrongfully Accused || AU || theonewhoabandonedheaven



He grabbed her and she squeaked, before recovering and returning the kiss. Her fingers wrapped up in his hair, and a smile spread on her lips.

His hands did the deed; fingers tugging and pulling her fabrics before he finally get ahold of her beautiful skin, skidded his fingertips then palmed her stomach. “Hmh.” He huffed to take a breath, chewing his lip then lunged back into another kiss. “Please tell me… If I’m out of line.” The demigod pressed their bodies together after, whimpering slightly due to the mood. “…okay?”

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