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 Fire, and pain. That’s all Ariel felt in her dreams. That’s all that surrounded her, all she knew. The angel remembered Zaeed pulling her from Hell, but that’s the last thing she remembered. 

Ariel awoke with a start and shot upward, the top of her head grazing the low ceiling above the bed. The blanket covering her body fell down, pooling in her lap. She ran her hands through her hair, breathing heavily and trying to get her bearings. Once she was able to focus, she looked around the room, seeing the same room she had been trapped in when she had come to the manor during Hecate’s influence. Great.

She hadn’t heard the door opening, and jumped violently when someone touched her shoulder. She cringed away from the contact, and turned her head to look at the stranger. She saw Zaeed, and sighed, relaxing a bit. “Hello… “

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